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India is a fast growing country opening its market in all the fields, thus trying to compete with other countries in many fields. Entry of Multi-National Companies and software companies makes a great change not only in the economy of the country but also in the lives of the people. The opportunities created by these institutions are mostly for the rich and the middle class people. The poor and the marginalised in the society are not able to make use of this new boom of economy because of the lack of their education or lack of their English and communication skills and thus they lag far behind in education and economy.

St.Patrick’s Home (A Unit of Community Care Trust which is the sister organization Dalit Solidarity) which has been working with the poor and the marginalised, the Dalits for the past ten years, realising the need for the people, has started this new School ‘St. Patrick’s Academy’. The main thrust of this school is to create an opportunity for the less fortunate so that they will not lag behind the majority of the people thus reducing the gap between the rich and the poor. This mainstreaming of the poor and the marginalised will bring great change in the lives of the people and thus creating a future generation with knowledge and skill to create a better world of equality.

In our school, I can see children from the thatched huts enjoying the facilities which they cannot afford to in other schools. I can see the children who can speak in English which is not possible by their own parents. I can see different like coping skills that are taught to them by which they will go along with the fortunate children. I wish that the people of this area will make use this opportunity and invite you to join in this noble cause of enabling the less fortunate with knowledge and skill to build a better world

Warm Regards and Best Wishes

Father Raj, Director

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