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GET INVOLVED: How Can you Make a Difference?

Our academy is founded on the simple proposition that given the right opportunity, all children are likely to attain their full potential to succeed in life. Those who are more fortunate to be in better circumstances for whatever reason must help others who are deprived or disadvantaged in meaningful ways. You can be part of our academy. Our academy is projected to have an upward growth the coming five years. We will need to spend an increase amount of dollars so that the academy will become independent and financially stable in the coming years

I am making an appeal to you to invest in these little souls who are so eager to learn. Your contribution will make a huge difference. The first challenge is to add five class rooms to accommodate 250 children in June 2013. This would allow for 25 students per room. It will also help us to meet Government licensing requirements to include five other rooms. The government mandates a library, computer lab, staff room, health clinic, and conference room for every school. To be in compliance, the State Government will require these areas to be in place and fully functional within the year, or no later than June 2013. I am asking for your financial help to make this happen. The cost of each room is estimated at $10,000 to cover design, build, furnishings, electricity, and inspection costs. The total goal for this fundraiser is $100,000 to complete this project.

I know that this is a very difficult economic time with many challenges. It is difficult to find money to take care of your daily needs. But I am asking you for a small sacrifice that will go a long way to change the life of a family. Without your help and support, they face dismal, sad futures

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