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ST.PATRICK'S ACADEMY: A Beacon of Hope and A Promise for a Better World

Welcome to our academy! We are solely dedicated to children who are marginalised and underprevileged and those who live in rural villages of India without adequate facilitieis for good education. Our goal is to give the best opportunity to have cost effective and qualitative education like other children who are fortunate. We are glad that we have taken an option for these children to have a wonderful childhood. Our academy has become a place where the poor and destitute can find hope and strength. People come from various background of religion, caste and economy but with one chorus of seeing their children with flying colors. Our Dream is the same dream like theirs in getting an affordable and qualitative education. Our academy can fulfill their hopes and expectation. It is ourconviction that our academy will serve as a symbol of hope and a promise to open the doors for a better world.

We believe that children of poverty are no different than more fortunate children and, if given access to quality education, they will realize their full potential. Without the intervention of an education, these children are destined to a future of abuse, social segregation and discrimination. These children,  once educated, will be able to help their families and communities break out of the vicious cycle of poverty and become successful and productive members of society. We believe that no matter where you live, every person deserves the same chance to live in security and dignity, to get an education to find work and to give their children a better future.

Please feel free to join us to be a part of our academy to make a difference in the lives of these little ones.

Upcoming Event:

Live Presentation by Father Ben Chinnappan at the Visitation Parish, 779 South York Street, Elmhurst, IL 60126 on

25th Oct at 7:00 PM at the Hospitality Room of the Parish Center.

You can learn more about our academy and how it is making impact in the lives of many chlidren. This can be a wonderful opportunity for you to be part of our academy and make difference in their lives. Please join us for the live discussion to share your insights on how as Christians we can be part of the global families in helping them to alleviate poverty and injustice.

Help us bring a world-class opportunity to the most vulnerable by opening your heart to a child! If you have any question, please contact Father Ben through email or call 708-612-4248.

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Newsletter_July 2012
Newsletter July 2012
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