Campus Life


St.Patrick's is well equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Computer with modern equipment, models and unique facilities


The library at St.Patrick's is a gateway to knowledge resources. It houses a wide collection of Books, Encyclopedias, Journals, Magazines and other research related papers.

Smart Classes

The ambiance at St.Patrick's inspires learning and the facilities here are truly sophisticated with world class. The classrooms are spacious enough and well equipped with teaching tools.


St.Patrick's has a full-fledged canteen within the campus that enables all the staff and students to have balanced delicious meals, snacks and hot beverages.

Spacious Classrooms

Education is a process wherein the focus is on imparting knowledge to the students. It can only be completed when there is an overall physical and mental development.


St.Patrick's provides transportation facility to the students which help them to safely reach school and home before and after school hours.