History of St.Pat's


St.Patrick’s Academy is an educational institute, an undertaking of Community Care Trust (CCT), a  non-governmental organization with tax-exempt status under Section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act in the district of Villupuram. CCT has been working with the marginalized communities around Kakkanur, Odiyathur, V.Salai and surrounding villages of Villupuram Taluk since 2000. CCT has initiated programs in the field of health care, education, social and economical development to improve the living conditions of the rural communities. CCT has special focus in supporting the empowerment of the dalits and widows toward their emancipation through awareness and training programs. CCT has also obtained FCRA permission from the Reserve Bank of India to comply with the regulations of the government. CCT ensures transparency and accountability of all donations made within India or from overseas.


St. Patrick’s Academy was founded with the hope of providing cost effective and quality education to children who are socially and economically disadvantaged in the rural villages which have no adequate facilities to standard education.


Our vision is to give hope to children who live in desperate situation and offer opportunities for qualitative education which will gradually close the gap between the rich and poor and build a nation where everyone can live security and dignity.


St.Patrick’s Academy is dedicated to Father Thomas Gavan Duffy (1888-1942) whose vision  transformed the lives of many dalits and the marginalized in the northern parts  of Tamil Nadu.  Fr.Duffy was a missionary of the MEP, an educator and social reformer. Our academy owes deep gratitude and appreciation for his remarkable contribution. He is still a living legend among us.


Our model is based on the education that gives hope and promise and assures them that sky is the limit. Given proper care, support, and educational opportunities, the poor children will be able to succeed in life and bring about social change to their communities.