Founder's desk

Father Benjamin Chinnappan

VA Staff Chaplain
San Diego, CA

Founder of St. Patrick’s

First of all, I share the good news of having our own academy after being involved in the lives of the poor and the marginalized for more two decades. I thank God and every one for your presence either directly or indirectly in making St.Pat’s Academy a reality in June 2012.  I could not have done this alone without your generosity and collaboration. I am very happy that this academy serves as Nursery and Primary School for underprivileged children living in rural villages that have no access to good education. Currently we have 124 children who come from 12 rural areas to make use of our English Medium Education. Our goal is to give the best environment and opportunity to children to have quality education like those kids who are fortunate. True love is what you do for others who can do nothing for you.

As I spent some time with parents and children in Aug 2012, I could see the excitement among the parents and a deep passion for learning among the kids. The focus of the academy is to give an opportunity for the less fortunate children who are victims of poverty and family circumstances. It is uncommon nowadays to see a school like St.Pat that has been solely dedicated for the development of the poor and the marginalized. I am glad that St.Pat’sAcademy is drawing the attention of many parents around our neighborhoods. They are very hopeful that good days are ahead for their kids. What makes me happy is to see those parents and children coming to us from different villages, different castes, different religions and different economical background with one voice to see their children with flying colors. What we have done for ourselves dies alone with us; but what we have done for others and the world remains forever.

I thank my friends and families for supporting me this wonderful project than change the lives of many. This is an enormous enterprise that needs team work, coordination and fund raising. All of us have good will but lack the means to accomplish. We have a long way to go. With your prayers and moral support, I hope that we can make a difference in the lives of these precious children.Not all of us can achieve something great in life but most of us can accomplish something even it is little but with love and compassion. St. Patrick Academy is the answer to a better and brighter future for the poor and the marginalized.